Regional Communities

Regional Communities link MFSA to local action and grass roots response.

Who we are

Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA) is a national progressive social justice nonprofit organization that mobilizes clergy and laity within The United Methodist Church to take action on issues of peace, poverty and people’s rights within the church, the nation and the world.

Working primarily through the ministries of the United Methodist Church, MFSA supports and augments peace and justice ministries at the local, conference, and national levels. As an independent organization, we call our church to expand its understanding of the radical call of the Gospel to be the inclusive, justice-seeking, risk-taking Body of Christ.

We believe that to be faithful witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be involved in the transformation of the social order.

We are accountable to our Board of Directors and are supported entirely by annual memberships and contributions. MFSA is not an official United Methodist body but an unofficial caucus group.

Priority Driven - The work of MFSA centers on a set of key priorities established by the Board of Directors.

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Working in Community

The Methodist Federation for Social Action is an organization based on connection. No one group has the answer to bringing the peace and justice on it's own. It is only when we connect together that we create the kin-dom that is called for.

Some of the ways we build connection are:

Regional Communities

Regional Communities link MFSA to local action and grass roots response.

Justice Seeking Congregations

Justice Seeking Congregations join MFSA as partners in creating the beloved kin-dom. By joining with MFSA they are making a public statement that justice is a responsibility of the church.

Partner Organizations

MFSA works with a diverse group of justice seeking organizations. This is a key part of recognizing the intersectional aspect of seeking justice.

Leadership and Staff

MFSA is led by dedicated volunteers across the United Methodist connection and a small, but hardworking staff.