The annual Batteries, Oil, Paint, and Antifreeze (BOPA) Recycling event is one way in which Rio Texas MFSA participates in and takes action towards Environmental Justice. Before the spread of the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the WHO, Rio Texas MFSA was able to host this annual event in 2020.  Ready with empty trailers in the parking lot of Crestview United Methodist Church, Rio Texas MFSA welcomed community members to drop off their used batteries, oil, paint, and antifreeze recyclables.  Then, these difficult to recycle items were taken to the city's hazardous waste recycling depot. 

We recognize that we are in the midst of a pandemic, and measures to prevent and minimize the spread of and contact with the virus has rightfully become a priority in our lives.  However, even in the midst of pandemic, please continue to do your part as good stewards to take care of this planet as best as you can.  Please continue to recycle what is possible.  This article gives helpful tips on how to recycle in pre-COVID time.  Use your best judgement, and utilize what tips are applicable given your circumstances. Please continue to do your part to take care of your community and continue to practice social distancing, wear masks, wash hands, and more.