Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter from MFSA. We hope you have enjoyed our Lenten devotionals which are available on our website. We began our lenten journey immediately following the 2019 General Conference. I have made time to reflect, rest, and reconnect with God even though I often felt like there was no time to do so. Everything is so important and urgent. Which is why the time for rest and renewal is essential for the work ahead. I hope you have made time to recharge, if not it's not too late. 

I have also been in many conversations with many different groups in our denomination reflecting on the 2019 General Conference and dreaming about our vision for the church. We are strengthening our connections with each other and seeking to include more diverse voices at the table in all of our conversations and encourage you to do the same. In your regional office or your justice-seeking congregation, who is missing from your conversations and your organizing work? How can we be in real dialogue with more people of color, LGBTQIA+, laypeople, central conferences, young people (under 30), and women? 

The people in power shut him up. That troublemaker, rule-breaker, and justice-seeker called Jesus was finally gone. Executed and buried in a tomb. The women were talking nonsense. There was no way Jesus was alive, but behold the stone was rolled away. Jesus is nowhere in the tomb. Jesus was out, back to work, and a movement began that changed everything.

We have seen time and time again at General Conference and in the world, people in power using legislation and their positions to shut people up and keep people out. Many think our talk of justice and inclusion is nonsense. Some say we are nothing but a bunch of rule-breaking troublemakers.  Well, if standing up to love our neighbor by seeking justice and inclusion in our church and world is making trouble then so be it. Jesus is out again building a justice-seeking movement.  Where will the Spirit take us? MFSA will continue our work for fair treatment of farmworkers, equal pay and treatment for women, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, the equality and equity of people of color, the welcoming and fair treatment of migrants, justice for people in poverty, care for creation, and much more. 

We hope you will invite others to join us in our work and consider making a gift to MFSA this Easter.

Peace and Justice,

Bridget Cabrera, MFSA Executive Director