All experiences of marginalization and injustice are interconnected. Therefore, we integrate all our work through intersectional organizing principles.

Intersectional Organizing Principle:  All experiences of marginalization and injustice are interconnected because the struggle for justice is tied to concepts of power and privilege.  Intersectional organizing recognizes that injustice works on multiple and simultaneous levels. Because experiences of injustice do not happen in a vacuum, it is imperative to: develop the most effective strategies to create space for understanding privilege; organize in an intersectional framework led by marginalized communities, and build effective systems of resistance and cooperation to take action for justice. Practical intersectional organizing always focuses on collaboration and relationship building.

-help MFSA constituencies understand injustice from multiple perspectives
-organize across lines of race, gender, sexuality, economic status, and geographic location
-emphasizes collaboration and listening to underrepresented voices in MFSA leadership on all levels (Chapter, Board, Program Council, Staff)