Economic justice, through supporting the rights of workers and critiquing the prevailing social order, was the primary focus of the Federation during its first several decades of the 20th century (see history timeline).

Today the widening gap between rich and poor, the increasing concentration of power in global corporations, the deification of money, the pervasiveness of racism and the rise of militarism all violate the Scriptural vision of the Kingdom of God and the beloved community. The "gospel" of unlimited growth and the increasing concentration of wealth destroys the other species with which God calls us to share the planet, renders human community less sustainable and elevates consumption above servanthood and discipleship. Economic considerations supersede all others in national policy and in international affairs. We are developing a permanent underclass, much of which we keep locked up in our prisons. In the Third World, the situation is far worse.

The church must develop a critique of the new global capitalism that will lead to the development of new economic and political institutions that seek to share the riches of God’s creation equitably among all Earth’s peoples.