Statement on Anti-racism and Dismantling White Supremacy

posted on August 01, 2019

Aug 1, 2019

Since 1907, Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA) has sought to be a prophetic witness for justice.

The MFSA national board recently gathered for anti-racism training which began with listening to those who experienced harm at General Conference. Together we have reaffirmed our commitment to work toward becoming an anti-oppression organization. In order to live more fully into our collective anti-oppression work, the MFSA board will be focusing our work as a board around anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy. Together we seek to do the hard work to become an anti-racist, multi-cultural organization. 

To be more effective in resisting oppression, MFSA will re-evaluate policies and procedures with the ultimate goal of operationalizing racial equity throughout MFSA as an organization. At the core of our denomination's current struggle is the unchallenged sin of White Supremacy. Until we deal with that, it will continue to manifest itself in misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and the list goes on as it has through the history of our denomination. If we are to do this work effectively in the church or world, MFSA's board believes that racial justice has to begin individually and internally within our organization that has historically been a white-dominated space. 

This is not quick or comfortable work.  We know we will make mistakes along the way as we seek to align our values and commitments with our actions. We ask for your prayers and grace, and we invite you to consider taking this journey with us in your congregation, regional communities, and within yourself.