Press Release: Make People, Not Plans, a Priority

posted on December 06, 2018


Federation Calls the Church to Make People, Not Plans, a Priority

People are the heart of the church and a plan is not a strategy for living as we are called

(Detroit, Michigan - December 6, 2018) – Meeting last month in Detroit, the new national office location for the Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA), the Board of Directors and Program Council elected new leadership for a new day including board co-presidents Rev. Lydia E. Muñoz and Rev. Amy Stapleton.  

The National Board and Program Council of MFSA renewed their commitment to engage in holy confession, serious dialogue, education, and action regarding systemic racism and white supremacy, seeking to dismantle all forms of white supremacy, white privilege, and internalized racism as an organizational priority. The board and council commended the recent United Methodist Council of Bishops statements speaking out against the resurgence of racism in the United States and in response to the Central American Migrant Caravans.

 “As an organization that seeks to be a ‘plumbline in the midst of the people,’ (Amos 7:8), we have committed ourselves with the bishops to the work of living in the contradictions with integrity, power, and hope,” said Muñoz.  “We have a word from the Lord to share that reminds us that, even though we live in the midst of conundrums and quagmires that is the kin-dom of God here and not yet realized, we do not hide away from our responsibilities to be faithful witnesses and disciples of Jesus Christ.”

The Board also discussed at length the various plans and legislative possibilities facing the church at the special called session of General Conference to be held in February 2019. While an active partner in the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (a network of United Methodists committed to the embodiment of God's love and justice within and through the people and mission of The United Methodist Church), the Board of MFSA decided not to endorse one plan. They acknowledged rather that none of the proposed plans will bring justice for LGBTQIA children, siblings, parents, or pastors.

Outgoing co-president Rev. Vicki Flippin said, “the organization’s focus and commitment is not to one plan, but rather to our LGBTQIA+ siblings. We will continue to work in coalition to seek unity in the church through just and equitable relationships, engaging in uncomfortable conversations, and establishing friendships across difference.”  Executive Director Bridget Cabrera shared, “ the restructuring of the church and reallocation of institutional resources almost always disproportionately affect non-white, non-U.S., and economically disadvantaged members of the connection. MFSA will continue to be a plumbline for the church as we have since 1907, elevating the conversation to matters of justice, focusing on equity, and on who is most impacted by the decisions in February. We will continue to hold the church accountable for where it falls short of the Gospel.”

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The Methodist Federation for Social Action was established in 1907 to confront human suffering mobilizing clergy and laity within The United Methodist Church to take action on issues of peace, poverty and people’s rights.